Case Study - MCA

Budget Builder Tool Helps Big Brands Assess Advertising Costs

Blueberry developed a web-based software tool for global consultancy MCA which helps their clients work out budget requirements for all types of marketing campaigns.

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The Requirements

Global specialist consultancy MCA advises some of the world’s biggest companies on their advertising strategies. They provide expertise in production planning across TV, digital, radio, print, events and PR, and wanted an automated budget building tool which they could offer to their clients.

The Budget Builder would enable clients to assess budget requirements by exploring different combinations of advertising spend over a 12-month period.

To ensure the Budget Builder would provide accurate results, MCA was particular in making sure that the tool could take into account detailed factors – such as type of film medium (animation v live actors) and production location – which would have an effect on costs.

Our Solution

Working within a short development timeframe, we used our own BBWT web application framework and delivered the Budget Builder tool which:

  • Allows user to look at the budget for a fiscal year and compare different scenarios for any number of campaigns.
  • Uses a simple ‘wizard’ that guides the user step-by-step through the process of setting up a budget, including selecting media type, duration, frequency etc.
  • Includes a client styliser which allows the tool to be customised for each client.
  • Can be accessed from multiple browsers and mobile devices.

The Results

Budget Builder has provided MCA with a valuable, automated tool that they can offer to their clients to help them easily assess budgets and consider different advertising campaign strategies. Since its launch, they’ve been very pleased that it has attracted the attention of organisations such as Visa International, The Co-operative supermarket chain and Premier Foods.

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