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Blueberry has been developing custom software since 1997. Our managers include ex-software developers with an average of over 25 years experience, and our newest developers are hand-picked from the best graduates and the most talented in industry. This ensures we have very wide-ranging expertise across many different development technologies.

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Custom Software Expertise

If you're looking for strong programming expertise – please call us!

This page provides a summary of our expertise. Please note that this list isn’t exhaustive – if you need something that isn’t discussed here, just call us – it’s quite likely we have some relevant experience.

“It was a delight to work with Blueberry, who were never fazed by our complex requirements. We now have an excellent and effective user-friendly solution that we’re proud of.”

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Andrew V. Bailey

Co-Director, DIMEC Ltd

Working with Technology

Blueberry primarily works with Microsoft technologies, including Visual Studio and SQL Server – quite simply because we find the modern Microsoft tools to be very productive – and this saves our customers money.

However, we are not exclusively Microsoft, and neither do we believe that Microsoft solutions are always the best. We have considerable expertise with Linux, which we use to run many in-house systems. We also have a number of strong Mac advocates within the company.

About 50% of our work involves the creation of custom business systems, using Microsoft .NET and SQL Server, and we also retain strong skills with C++ , which we can use to overcome any performance or technical issues we may find with .NET. For most business applications, we recommend and use MS SQL Server as the information store.

For bespoke Web or online Applications, we have strong expertise with Microsoft IIS and ASP.NET – the leading Microsoft platform for website delivery. We also have strong expertise in JavaScript, HTML5 and AJAX – technologies necessary to deliver the interactivity required by website users.

If you want to deploy your business system in mobile contexts, we also have the development skills to build and deploy custom applications targeted at any of the mobile platforms and hardware manufacturers in use today.

Summary of Software Development Expertise

Windows Applications

Blueberry has been working with Windows since 1997; we have extremely deep expertise on all aspects of Windows development, from C++ through to .NET. Read More about Windows Applications.

Web Applications

Blueberry has been creating online, web-based bespoke systems since 2001. We have strong expertise with ASP.NET, JavaScript, Angular, HTML5 and AJAX.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWAs are intended to work on any platform – desktop, tablet or mobile – in a way that achieves the same user experience as native applications on mobile devices. Blueberry has completed a number of PWA projects recently for business clients to help boost user acquisition, engagement and revenue.

Database Systems

Blueberry has very strong skills with SQL Server – including advanced features such as replication between multiple servers. Read more about Database Systems.

Mobile Applications

Blueberry has the development skills to build and deploy custom applications targeted at any of the mobile platforms and hardware manufacturers in use today, having developed a diverse range of mobile projects, including many on Windows. The team is also well-placed to provide tailored approaches involving multiple technologies and programming languages where necessary. Read More: Mobile Applications.

Mac & Linux

We have substantial skills in Linux systems, and we have expertise in Mac programming. Read More: Mac & Linux.


Creating systems that work “cross-platform” has many challenges. We can advise customers on the possible approaches and the compromises involved. Read More about Cross-Platform.

Amazon Web Services

If you have a web application that needs to scale up to meet high demand, we have the skills to achieve this using the unique features of the Amazon platform. Read More about Amazon Web Services.

Cloud Computing & Hosting

Interested in moving your internal servers to the Cloud? We can plan and implement your AWS migration strategy, and provide on-going management services to minimize TCO on Amazon. We also have skills in integrating AWS infrastructure with existing enterprise applications over VPN. Read More about Cloud Computing & Hosting.

Supporting Development Skills

Systems Administration

Deploying complex custom applications requires expertise in firewall configuration and other systems administration skills. Blueberry’s dedicated Systems Team has exceptional expertise in Cisco, and can support Windows Server and Linux deployments.

Server Hosting

Blueberry has its own server farm co-located at a major UK data centre, which we use for hosting customer applications during development and beyond. We have relationships with a number of hosting providers and we can help customers decide where to host new systems.

Digital Transformation

Blueberry has transformed many businesses through the application of the latest technologies and methodologies in custom software to optimise operations and improve engagement with employees and end users. The goal of Digital Transformation is to use digital technologies to modify or create new business processes and customer experiences to meet changing business and market expectations. We can offer technical consultancy as well as a complete custom solution that exactly fits the way you work.

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