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The Requirements

As a localisation company with a completely outsourced business model, Rubric deals with thousands of incoming and outgoing files every day.

The company contacted Blueberry to design an automated process that would reduce the demoralising amount of time their project managers spent unpacking ZIP files and copying files between directories.

The Results

Rubric’s ‘Workflow Wizard’ is a very simple mouse-click saver that has become a core component of Rubric’s File Management System. It is used to automate the management of incoming and outgoing project files and integrates with Microsoft Outlook and MS Exchange.

Rubric estimate the ROI on the Workflow Wizard is enormous, because such a small program has resulted in significant time savings for all users. The automation not only speeds up file management on complex projects, but also frees the Rubric Project Managers to concentrate on more important aspects of their work.

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