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The Requirements

Symonds Group is a leading Civil Engineering Firm. Most of its income is earned by charging clients for time worked by staff, so accounting for time is a crucial part of the business.

When Symonds decided that they needed a new management information system, it was clear that integration with their core accounts package would be vital. The new centralised data system also needed to incorporate support for forecasting, billing, and other project management functions. In addition, the system needed to integrate very tightly with Symonds’ Systems Union (SUN) accounting system, principally to calculate the company’s Work In Progress figures directly from project forecasts.

Our Solution

Blueberry designed a system capable of generating a wide range of reports, from performance summaries to detailed reports on individual projects, which company managers could use as a central part of their day-to-day work. Different sets of users were assigned different views of sensitive data, mediated by a multi-layered security policy.

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