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The Value of Blueberry's Technical Expertise

Blueberry takes pride in its deep and broad technical skills. Our team is made up of highly experienced ex-developers who bring valuable knowledge to the company and enable us take on diverse and specialised projects. With Blueberry, you can trust that your project is in the hands of true technical experts.

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Technical Expertise

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One of the core strengths of Blueberry is its deep technical expertise. This page explains how we’ve achieved this expertise, and why we think it’s important.

People with Technical Expertise

Blueberry is owned and managed by highly technical ex-developers – not accountants or salespeople. As a result, the company has a culture which values technical skills – which helps us to recruit very talented developers.

Our development team is without doubt Blueberry’s most valuable asset – and many of the team have been with the company for 10 years or more. With over 50 developers in the company, Blueberry has a huge pool of expertise to call on – there truly are few technical problems we’ve not solved – and we’ve never had a project fail.

“Not only has Blueberry fulfilled our complex requirements but also added value at every stage of the project. When you’re dealing with business critical applications, it’s good to work with a safe pair of hands.”

Rick Costello

Head of Media, GSMA

The Blueberry Advantage

The world of modern software development is vast, with many competing technologies – and many supporting skills. Each development company has a different mix of skills. Blueberry’s advantage is that our skills are both deep and broad:

  • Deep technical skills – we have people who know Windows and Linux inside out. We solve problems less technical companies cannot solve.
  • Broad technical skills – over the years, we’ve worked with a huge range of technologies. We’re equally at home creating offline or online systems, working with the web, cross-platform, mobile development or databases.

The Customer Benefit

Blueberry’s level of technical expertise delivers benefits to our customers right from the start:

  • Customers don’t talk to a salesperson. They talk to an expert ex-developer, who can understand their requirements quickly, and rapidly identify possible solutions.
  • When planning projects, we are able to explore possible solutions in greater depth and look at more options than competitors.
  • Our depth of expertise means we can take on very specialised projects. Click here for some examples.
  • If there are problems, our deeper technical skills allow us to drill into the system and fix issues other developers cannot handle.

We often hear of projects that fail because the developer simply didn’t have enough skills. Perhaps the developer can create a good web-site, but can’t solve some technical performance issues. With Blueberry this doesn’t happen.

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