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Boost Your Business Through Digital Transformation

Blueberry can make your business digital-ready by creating new business processes and customer experiences for the digital age. We use the latest digital innovations and emerging technology to optimise operations and improve engagement with employees and end users.

Ensure your business is economically resilient. Digital technologies are driving fundamental changes to market requirements and customer expectations, which in turn will impact your business goals. If you’re at the start of your digital transformation journey, Blueberry can provide the right mix of expertise and experience to help your business convert to a digital-ready status – using automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

With Blueberry as your digital transformation partner we can help solve problems quickly and at scale.

Software Services Overview

Digital Transformation Expertise


Secure Web Portals

Blueberry has extensive expertise in building secure web portals with configurable security features, which sit on top of your existing systems, providing web-based access for your customers, suppliers and staff.

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Online Payment Systems

Blueberry is an expert developer of custom online payment systems using payment providers like WorldPay, Paypal and Google Checkout.

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Reporting Software

Blueberry is an expert developer of software that provides regular, accurate and complete reports that can be audited for compliance monitoring. We also build secure and robust software applications for data entry and reporting and improved customer services.

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Database Solutions

We are experts at consolidating data from various sources across the business into one central database for better decision making. Blueberry has very strong skills with SQL Server – including advanced features such as replication between multiple servers.

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Mobile Applications

Blueberry has the development skills to build and deploy custom applications targeted at any of the mobile platforms and hardware manufacturers in use today, having developed a diverse range of mobile projects, including many on Windows. The team is also well placed to provide tailored approaches involving multiple technologies and programming languages where necessary.

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Amazon Web Services

Need a serverless application that can scale up or down as needed? Ask us about our client projects! We are cloud and Amazon Web Services specialists with wide ranging AWS experience.

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Cloud Computing & Hosting

Interested in moving your internal servers to the Cloud? We can plan and implement your AWS migration strategy, and provide on-going management services to minimize TCO on Amazon. We also have skills in integrating AWS infrastructure with existing enterprise applications over VPN.

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Technical Consultancy

We provide clients with impartial advice on how to structure software projects, and on the appropriate technical architecture for a new system. We can also help in situations where the communication between management and technical staff is not working correctly, or needs that extra clarity.

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Generative AI Integration

Blueberry can help you integrate generative AI into your website or systems – using ChatGPT or an open-source alternative. Our team of experienced developers will work with you to understand your business needs and develop custom solutions that harness the power of LLMs.

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Birmingham City Council

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Coventry City Council

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Chalmit Lighting

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BMI Group

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Chubb Locks

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Crane Electronics

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