Case Study - SoftFacts

Online Questionnaire System

An Online Questionnaire System With Flash Front-End & HTTP Server Backend

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The Requirements

SoftFacts provides training and other services to banks and financial services companies to improve performance. The company wanted to create an online questionnaire system to establish customers ‘motivations’ rather than simply collecting so-called ‘Hard Facts’ – earnings, outgoings and so on. The aim of the system was to generate a ‘financial health check’ report that could be used to recommend appropriate products to the customer.

Our Solution

Blueberry implemented the system as a Flash front-end running in a web browser with an HTTP server backend that controlled the session (the progress of the session was influenced by the answers to previous questions in the session).

The Results

The use of Flash allowed the design of the online questionnaires to be moved away from a standard Windows user-interface. Two versions were created – a stand-alone version that had its own mini-HTTP server and a web version that used an IIS web server.

Particular challenges were accurate requirements gathering (from a non-technical client) and designing a suitable system architecture to meet those requirements.

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