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Consultancy Report

The Requirements

Healthcare at Home (HAH) is the UK’s leading provider of high-tech home healthcare and speciality pharmacy services to the NHS and the independent healthcare sector.

Traditionally, patients had registered with HAH using a paper form based system, which had resulted in a proliferation of different forms and a system in which it was difficult to detect errors. HAH needed a new web-based system to replace the old paper-based system for ordering medicines online. Because the system would carry patients personal data, it needed to meet HAH’s stringent standards for patient confidentiality and security.

Our Solution

Blueberry worked closely with HAH to produce a detailed requirements analysis. Emphasis was placed on adding error checking and data validation wherever possible and automating any notifications to users.

The Results

Several iterations of requirements and work flow were examined which resulted in a detailed document bring drawn up to allow the formal software development process to begin.

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