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Rewind captures software errors as they happen, making it easy to share what just happened with instant video reports.

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Capture It First Time, No Wasted Time Replicating Errors!

Rewind is a simple-to-use session replay tool that captures the last few minutes of activity - the bug and what happens before. When an end user finds a bug, they click the “Send Report” button to send an instant and understandable video bug report to your support team, saving hours of time!

Who is Rewind For?

Most end-users lack the time, technical expertise, or desire to write detailed reports. This leads to frustration for both users and support teams.

Rewind video reporting streamlines the reporting process and improves efficiency by making bug reporting fast, easy and accurate.

  • Rewind is for anyone who receives bug reports from end-users and struggles with getting clear information. It also helps software suppliers who rely on those reports fix bugs faster by providing visual evidence.
  • Rewind is ideal for anyone leading a team at operational level – for example, IT and support managers, operations managers, and so on.
  • For support teams needing to speed up ticket handling.
  • For anyone who needs visual evidence for fast troubleshooting.


Improved Communication
Better communication reduces frustration between users, support and software suppliers.

Detailed Reporting
Instant video proof helps document software bugs and problems to support teams and suppliers.

Increased Productivity
Records errors as they happen, avoiding wasted time replicating easy and hard to find problems.

Customisable Integration
Configurable reporting to fit into your workflow. Store recordings in the cloud or internally - so GDPR safe.

Use Cases

IT Support
Support teams waste time replicating reported bugs. When errors occur with critical software it brings pressure and stress for everyone. Rewind gives non-technical users the tool they need to help support, managers and business owners. Rewind is especially useful when sending bug reports to suppliers who insist on better reporting before they'll fix bugs.

Software Vendors
Diagnosing bugs in deployed customer software is challenging and time-consuming. Adding Rewind to user installations gives you video reports of real-time errors. Allowing you to view the bugs customers are experiencing but fail to adequately report.

Providing external IT support and services places you one step further away from the users you’re supporting. Rewind provides video proof of problems and brings you closer to the customer experience. Users gain confidence knowing issues are reported accurately and to the right team.

Rewind Features

Seamless Setup
Provides complete coverage on users' PCs, discreetly safeguarding their experience.

Runs Discreetly
Once installed on your PC, it runs quietly in the background, capturing how problems happen and hard-to-find bugs.

Selective Recording
Record only specific applications and screens for focused reports and data privacy.

Reports Rapidly
If a bug appears you can instantly send a report - or rapidly review and edit the capture before sending. Use review mode to crop, trim, and blur for focused and detailed reporting.

Sends Directly
Send your report to support or development teams. With the choice to send supporting files. Multiple report options and saving formats allows for easy sharing.

API Reporting
Integrate with products and system to automate error reports.

Customised GUI
Customise configuration to best suit your team process and streamline reporting.

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