What We Do

We provide custom software development and technical consultancy services

Blueberry provides a full range of custom software development and technical consultancy services. Our highly skilled team is the best in the business, with many years of experience in meeting clients’ needs. From nurturing tech start-ups to digital transformation and technical consultancy - our experience spans the full range of custom software development.
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Looking to invest in new software for your business?

Are you undecided whether to choose a bespoke system designed specifically around the needs of your company – or a commercial-off-the-shelf solution? Why not choose the best of both worlds?

Niche products that do exactly what you want them to do can be hard to source. This means many companies settle for commercial software that sort of does what they want it to do but possibly requires some process adjustment to align their working methods to the new system.

However, Blueberry can offer niche products that (just like off-the-shelf software) you can call us and buy – but with the added benefit to have it customised by Blueberry to fit your business needs.

These products include:

  • Accommodation Booking System, a system for managing property developments within councils, and a reporting tool. 
  • Land Management System, a complete monitoring, analysis and reporting tool specifically designed for managing development sites for Local Authorities.
  • ChatGPT Add-in for Microsoft Outlook. Blueberry can create a version of the Add-in for customers wanting their own custom prompts for their 365 domains, as well as develop a version of the Add-in that customers can resell, featuring their own unique prompts.
  • DeskBuddy. DeskBuddy is a compact, USB-powered desktop device that displays your meetings for the day from your Office 365 and Gmail calendars - ensuring your calendar is always on view.

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