Our Approach

A Platform for Building Modern Applications

BBWT is a well-supported and popular open-source web template that leverages modern and secure technologies to provide a comprehensive platform for building fast, reliable, and effective web applications. Its stack comprises Angular, TypeScript, PrimeNG, ASP.NET Core, Windows or Linux Server, and MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server.


BBWT Technical Platform

BBWT Technology

BBWT uses popular, well-supported, open-source core technologies for security confidence and scalability.


Modern web-applications are normally built on top of a stack of other technologies – such as “LAMP” (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP).

For BBWT, we’ve selected a set of popular, well-supported, open-source core technologies, which provides security confidence and scalability:

Client Side:

  • Angular – a top-three JS framework, invented and sponsored by Google
  • TypeScript – Microsoft’s improved version of JavaScript
  • PrimeNG – a very popular open-source library of responsive GUI controls

Server Side:

  • ASP.NET Core – Microsoft’s latest web toolset for Windows and Linux
  • Windows Server or Linux Server
  • MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server

This BBWT stack delivers the following benefits:

  • Modern – Angular 17 and .NET 7 are leading-edge technologies
  • Popular – it’s important to pick technologies that are robust and unlikely to become obsolescent
  • Well Supported – the more people using a technology, the better the support from the software community
  • Secure – these technologies support all modern security requirements
  • Scalable – combine with Azure or AWS Cloud hosting for scalable systems

In addition to the core technologies, BBWT makes use of other components:

  • WebPack – a powerful toolset for compressing
  • Gitlab – a strong source-code management and CI tool
  • Stackify – an APM and logging platform
  • Rollbar – a tool to allow the debugging of client-side problems

Summary of Benefits

BBWT offers a comprehensive platform for building reliable, fast and effective web applications.

For customers, the key points are:

1. No lock in – you get the source code.  
2. Based on tried and tested, popular tools – another developer can take it over.  
3. Secure by design, and security tested.  
4. Modern – strong GUI themes, looks good.  
5. Mobile and Cloud compatible.

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