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Blueberry is often approached by entrepreneurs with an idea for a new business application. We’ve probably seen a hundred such ideas since we started in 1997. Unlike other consultants, our business expertise is free, and given politely. If we think an idea won’t work, we’ll help steer it back on track by suggesting improvements. If a business idea is strong, we’ll work hard to make the vision a reality, and we have a track record to prove it.

Blueberry has over 20 years’ experience in helping entrepreneurs build market-winning software, including big investor-backed start-up projects. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to exit, we’ve had many successes with adding value to an initial concept to make it a more attractive purchase for other companies.

Our successful exits include Pharmax, bought out by pharmaceutical wholesaler, United Drug in 2017; Dimec acquired in 2018 by the Co-op in a multi-million pound deal; and IPI Solutions, sold to Ideagen for £5.5m. There are many others – and we’re happy to talk about those without NDA restrictions. Just ask.

For Investors

Trust, Experience & Successful Exits

One of the most sought-after exits for online business owners is a trade sale.

We’ve helped many entrepreneurs who have created a lifestyle business – one where they collect a decent salary, don’t work long hours and have a small team of people and loyal clients. This type of business doesn’t necessarily need an exit strategy.

However, if you’re an investor, we fully appreciate that an exit strategy is important for understanding an entrepreneur’s level of commitment and to evaluate the validity/reality of their plan and expected trajectory. A legitimate exit strategy gives potential investors a timeline and a yardstick for their ROI.

Blueberry has a deep understanding of entrepreneurship and can provide business expertise to entrepreneurs in the form of guidance and mentorship to achieve their aims. We also have the tools and resources in place to quickly create a minimum viable product and get it to market fast.

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Our Experience With Investors And Start-Ups

Blueberry was established in 1997. We opened our second office in 2013 and a new London office in 2016. Today, we have a team of 120 project managers, developers, and support staff.

Rapid Web Development

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Blueberry can produce completely functional and scalable web applications quickly by using our proven solution for building web and cloud applications: Blueberry Web Template.

Blueberry Web Template (BBWT) is our all-in-one development platform for building custom web applications to best practice standards in a greatly accelerated timeframe. BBWT is free of lock-in risk, the product is still completely bespoke, and the source code is 100% owned by you.

We’ve been using Blueberry Web Template successfully for several years to deliver projects fast – many of them for entrepreneurs.

Everything works ‘out of the box’ because the platform includes a collection of pre-built modules, best programming practices and proven design styles which make it easier to create powerful and easy-to-use web applications.

For clients looking to get a minimal viable product out to market in a short timeframe, Blueberry Web Template is the perfect answer.

Blueberry also has the resources in place to scale up a web application as needed, using AWS cloud technologies, and to provide ongoing product development which is reactive to market demand.

We have a diverse team of project managers to guide the build at every step of the way, made up of highly qualified, talented and innovative IT professionals, each with their own area of expertise. Together, Blueberry has the breadth of experience needed by new clients in a rapidly changing technological landscape.

So, whether your aim is to reach a successful exit, or to grow your start-up into a thriving business, contact Blueberry to get the ball rolling.

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andrew-bailey-Dimec-Client Testimonials

"It was a delight to work with Blueberry, who were never fazed by our complex requirements. We now have an excellent and effective user-friendly solution that we're proud of."

Andrew V. Bailey

Co-director, DIMEC Ltd.


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