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EV Mota - Electric Vehicle Remote Monitoring Solution

Blueberry has revolutionised the way an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer monitors its fleet. The manufacturer can now remotely track their vehicles' battery health, charging rate, and any potential errors encountered during journeys in real-time.




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Sebring Works, a company that specialises in converting classic cars into electric vehicles, approached Blueberry with a requirement to create a system that could provide real-time data on their vehicles' health, location, and performance. The customer wanted to be able to monitor the vehicle's health in case of an emergency and collect data on battery usage, charging rates and any errors encountered during the journey. The solution needed to be capable of communicating with the vehicle in real-time and be able to provide warnings and alerts when issues were detected.

Our Solution

The project began with a discovery phase where Blueberry tested the concept of connecting a unit to the vehicle and obtaining its current location. This phase took around 1.5 months to complete. Once the concept was proven, Blueberry proceeded to the main project phase where they developed a full system with embedded over-the-air (OTA) capabilities and dual CAN bus communication. This phase took 3.5 to 4 months to complete.

Blueberry’s bespoke software solution is called EV Mota – Electric Vehicle Monitoring Over the Air. The software plugs into the vehicle's CAN bus, an industry standard for automotive communication, and communicates with the vehicle to collect data on, battery usage, charging speed and any errors that occur during the journey. The system also includes a GPS module that allows the customer to track the vehicle's location down to within a square mile.

The software created by Blueberry is connected to a global sim card, which means that the vehicle can be located anywhere in the world, provided it has a signal to a satellite. The system can communicate with the vehicle in real-time, providing the customer with warnings and alerts if issues are detected. The Over The Air (OTA) update capability also enables the system to receive updates and new features remotely, without requiring physical access to the vehicle.

The Results

EV Mota has revolutionized Sebring Works' approach to monitoring the health and wellbeing of their electric vehicles with a powerful and innovative tool. Thanks to this system, Sebring Works can now swiftly respond to emergencies and gain valuable insights into their vehicles' performance. Completed within the agreed budget and timeframe, the project showcases Blueberry's unwavering commitment to excellence.

The bespoke solution has allowed Sebring Works to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market by offering a unique value proposition and expanding their services beyond classic car conversions to electric vehicles.

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