The Power of Custom VMWare Solutions

Blueberry has strong expertise in developing custom software solutions using VMWare virtualisation technology. We can create domain-specific management interfaces for end-users and build redundant or high-availability systems using VMWare. Our skills in VMWare API programming, Linux system configuration, and networking programming allow us to deliver custom VMWare solutions that achieve significant business benefits.

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Custom VMWare Solutions

Introduction to VMWare

Custom software solutions using VMWare virtualisation technology can deliver significant business benefits and Blueberry Consultants has strong expertise in the development of custom solutions based on VMWare technology.

Virtualisation technologies like VMWare are now a strong feature of corporate IT departments, allowing a reduction in the number of individual servers and easier server management. At the same time, this technology has also opened up new possibilities -for example, companies engaged in software development can use VMWare to support testing on many different PC platforms.

But virtualisation systems like VMWare are by definition quite technical, and there is often a requirement to create an additional domain-specific management interface for end-users. Blueberry has developed such interfaces for two customers in the UK and the Netherlands.

VMWare also allows system designers to build redundant or high-availability (HA) systems by allowing a VM to be run from more than one server, depending on hardware availability. Blueberry has implemented a Linux-based server redundancy system to do just this for one customer.

VMWare Case Studies


Blueberry has strong skills in VMWare API programming, Linux system configuration and networking programming, and .NET Web Application development. Combined, these skills allow us to deliver custom VMWare Solutions which can achieve significant business benefit.

In particular, we are able to develop custom VMWare management interfaces which allow VMWare based software test systems to be delivered to end-users in familiar terminology and functionality.

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