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Blueberry can help streamline your accounting process by integrating your sales processing and other systems with Sage Line 50 and Line 100. This integration can save bookkeeper time and pay for itself within a few months. Contact us for a custom integration solution to connect your e-commerce and other systems to Sage.

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Sage Integration

Do you use Sage packages? Do you need to integrate other systems with Sage?

Blueberry Consultants has strong expertise in the integration of sales processing and other systems with Sage accounting packages, including Line 50, Line 100. This type of integration can save considerable book-keeper time, and can pay for itself within a few months.

Introduction to Sage Integration

Sage has established a strong position in the SME accounting system market in the UK with its Line 50 and Line 100 products.

Many of Blueberry’s customers are businesses that provide high-tech services of one sort or another, often selling these services online. These businesses often have completely automated sales systems, taking money from customers online. However, all the information about sales needs to end up within Sage. The picture becomes much more complex when online purchases are facilitated through payment providers who charge commission – and more complex still when multiple currencies are included.

Blueberry has provided custom integration solutions to connect e-commerce and other systems to Sage for a number of customers. If you need a solution in this area, we can help.

Sage Integration – Multiple Levels

At the simplest level, Sage integration can be achieved by simply writing data into appropriately formatted CSV files, and then importing it into Sage. However, this approach still involves manual steps, and has some limitations.

The alternative is to write custom integration code using the Sage SDK. This SDK allows Blueberry’s developers to create custom programs which can directly add new entries to a Sage accounting file, for example automatically creating new customers, sales records etc.

Case Study – Blueberry Software

Blueberry Software is a sister company of Blueberry Consultants. Blueberry Software develops and sells the popular BB FlashBack screen recording tool worldwide via Credit card processing is handled by WorldPay and PayPal. The site supports payments in three currencies.

Blueberry Software’s e-commerce system was already handling invoicing, but there was still a requirement to put all transactions into Sage Line 50. Unfortunately, this process was made considerably more complex because of the way the payment providers charge commissions and transfer the final sums. Reconciling records of individual sales with the Worldpay transaction reports was taking a lot of book-keeper time.

To solve this, Blueberry Consultants implemented a custom software tool to download sales information from the e-commerce system, import transaction data from WorldPay by CSV, and from PayPal by web-services. The tool then automatically generates all required entries in Sage, and performs the necessary reconciliations. It handles all three currencies, creating appropriate accounting entries within Line 50 to allow the balances in each currency to be tracked.

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