Case Study - DIMEC Ltd.

DIMEC Pharmacy App Makes It Easier To Get Your Meds

Blueberry helped start-up company, DIMEC Pharmacy, build a mobile app for repeat prescriptions – the first of its kind in the UK. In September 2018, the Co-op acquired Dimec in a multi-million pound deal.

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The Requirements

It’s easy to see why Andrew Bailey and Christopher Turner decided to start up DIMEC Pharmacy. The NHS system of having to ring up the GP, wait 48 hours to pick up your prescription from the GP office and then take it to the pharmacy to be filled – is an extremely time-consuming and inconvenient way to get repeat prescriptions, and completely archaic in today’s world.

During a “there should be an app for that” moment, the two young pharmacy postgraduates began to nurture the idea of modernising the way people ordered repeat prescriptions. They opened an online pharmacy, but ultimately, their goal was to also have a mobile app which would allow people to order repeat prescriptions at any time, wherever they might be, and have them delivered straight to their door.
On the user side, the app needed to be easy to understand and use, secure and reliable. On the development side, there were several points to consider: using cross-platform versus native technologies, integrating the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, setting up a secure payment system, and designing a clear, intuitive user interface.

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Our Solution

The DIMEC Pharmacy app has addressed a need by patients to obtain their prescription medication quickly, cheaply and more conveniently than is currently possible. In partnership with DIMEC, we created an app which:

  • Works seamlessly across all devices
  • Seamlessly integrates with the NHS Electronic Prescription.
  • Holds a comprehensive database of medicines.
  • Has a modern and clean design which easily guides users through the registration and ordering process.
  • Is available to download free from the App Store.


“It was a delight to work with Blueberry, who were never fazed by our complex requirements. We now have an excellent and effective user-friendly solution that we’re proud of.”

Andrew V. Bailey, Co-Director, DIMEC Ltd

The Results

Because of the technical hurdles involved in building a mobile app for repeat prescriptions, DIMEC found Blueberry to be the perfect partner for them – we were on-hand to advise and navigate the client through each stage of the development.

Since its launch, the app has already attracted an overwhelming number of users and received stellar reviews from customers, industry professionals and local media.

But the app is just the start of the story for Dimec, with Blueberry continuing to work with Dimec with plans for more features to be added.

In September 2018, the Co-op acquired Dimec in a multi-million pound deal. The Co-op is hoping the purchase will help it to grow into a digital competitor within the £10.5 billion pharmacy market, which is seeing a boom in repeat prescriptions thanks to an ageing population.

The digital pharmacy arm is part of a new Co-op offering in addition to the mutual’s large network of physical stores and services including groceries, funerals, insurance, legal and an online electrical store.

The deal will create a number of digital, operational and clinical roles based in Manchester and Merseyside and will see co-founder Turner and Bailey, move into the Co-op Ventures team.

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