Case Study - Toshiba

Interactive 3-D Modelling For Toshiba

Toshiba wanted to add interactive 3D models of its computers to the electronic manuals of all their portable PCs. Blueberry designed and implemented an easy-to-use authoring tool for creating and animating 3D models.

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The Requirements

Toshiba Consumer Electronics wanted to create 3D models of its computers that users could explore and interact with, and it also wanted these models to feature in introductory animated tours of the computers and in its existing electronic manuals. It needed an authoring tool for creating and animating 3D models, and a replay engine that was integrated with the Microsoft Help System.

Our Solution

Blueberry designed and implement a new and easy-to-use authoring tool for creating and animating 3D models. Blueberry also designed and implemented an efficient replay engine to display the animations it produced. Microsoft Visual C++ (MSVC) and the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFCs) proved to be the best development tools in this case, and the replay engine was implemented as an ActiveX control so that it could be more easily integrated into the Microsoft Help System.

The Results

After an intensive 6-month development programme, Blueberry delivered all the components of the system. 3D models were created and animated, and the new 3D electronic manual feature became part of all Toshiba portable PCs to be sold in Europe.

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