Case Study - Chubb Locks

Electronic Lock Management System

Blueberry developed and implemented a new management system to support Chubb Locks’ next generation of sophisticated microprocessor controlled locks.

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Chubb Locks Custodial Services required a new management system to support its original electronic locking devices as well as a new range of revolutionary microprocessor controlled locks with advanced functionality. Chubb wanted expert professional software support to tackle the development within the required timescale and invited Blueberry to design and implement the new system.

Our Solution

Blueberry worked closely with CLCS and their other sub-contract partners to implement the new scaleable and expandable management system in .Net based around SQL Server. The resulting software suite supports two different ranges of custodial electronic locks.

The Results

Blueberry’s software provides a complete control system, allowing operators to see the status of all locks and other devices in the system, as well as implementing sophisticated features such as time-based locking and interlocking.

The server has built-in redundancy support with complete hot-spare functionality for extra security. Blueberry continues to work with Chubb Custodial to add additional advanced features to the system, as well as supporting third parties wishing to integrate to the package.

The project showcases Blueberry’s ability to deliver robust critical systems for use in environments that demand uncompromising reliability.

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