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Mission-Critical Database Migrated From Access to MS-SQL Server

The HML Group provides a range of property services to the UK commercial and residential sectors, including property management, insurance and ancillary services.

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HML had an Access database that quickly became mission-critical as the business grew. When the database started producing ominous sounding errors, HML contacted Blueberry to find a short-term rescue plan to stabilise the database. It quickly became apparent to Blueberry that Access was not a suitable platform on which to build HML’s mission-critical multi-user databases.

Our Solution

Blueberry recommended re-implementing the project and migrating the backend data storage from Access to SQL Server. The new system is a true three tier database with a WinForms .NET client tier, a .NET web services middle tier and an MS SQL Server backend tier which is written in Transact SQL. The client and middle tier use .NET 2.0.

The Results

The new property management system has a true three-tier database, which has become the core of HML’s strategy for business growth. Its success has led to an ongoing relationship between Blueberry Consultants and HML, resulting in continued developments being undertaken by Blueberry as HML’s systems have grown in line with the success of their business.

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