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Investment Opportunities with Blueberry

Are you seeking high-tech investment opportunities? Whilst historically the company has grown organically, we have been involved in creating software at the heart of multiple start-ups and are always generating new ideas for innovative products and services. If you're interested in discussing potential investments, we're happy to explore the possibilities.

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Investment Opportunities

Blueberry Investment

Blueberry Consultants is a private company, 100% owned by the founder and Managing Director, Martin Green. Historically, the company has not sought external investment, preferring to grow organically by reinvesting the profits achieved from software development activity. This is still our current approach.

However, Blueberry is an extremely innovative and creative company. The company has been involved in creating software at the heart of at least six start-up companies in recent years. We are frequently asked to evaluate new business ideas, and to help plan the software required to launch a new innovation. Blueberry has undertaken joint venture development in three cases, retaining shareholdings in the new companies involved. We are very familiar with the traditional funding process.

The creative minds at Blueberry generate many new ideas for innovative software products and services each year. Some of these we do initial development work on, only to hit problems. Other ideas are in ongoing development and will hopefully emerge as future products. Still more ideas are left undeveloped on the shelf, either because the capital required to test them is unavailable, or because we simply don’t have the resources to explore the potential.

For most of these ideas, raising finance conventionally is impractical. The sums involved for an initial feasibility project are comparatively small and most traditional sources of investment – Venture Capital firms and Business Angels – strongly prefer ideas that are already developed and have some proof of a market.

However, if there are people or organisations actively seeking high-tech investment opportunities, we would be very interested to discuss our ideas under an appropriate non-disclosure agreement.

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