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MS Access Database Solutions by Blueberry

At Blueberry, we offer specialist services for MS Access databases. Our experts can repair your existing database, improve its reliability and performance, add users without per-user cost, keep your existing MS Access forms when you upgrade, and even move your database to the Internet. Plus, we can complete the conversion quickly and save you server license fees.

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Specialist Services: MS Access

Problems with MS Access? We Can Help

Are you having reliability or performance problems with your Microsoft Access Database?

Would you like to:

  • Repair an existing database?
  • Increase reliability? Boost performance?
  • Add users without per-user cost?
  • Keep your existing MS Access forms when you upgrade?
  • Move your database to the Internet?



We can solve these problems: we’re experts in repairing MS Access databases and upgrading them to work using a database server.

And the really good news is that this doesn’t have to be a big, expensive project: we’ve developed tools and technologies to cut conversion time to the minimum – and to save you server licence fees. How? First, we can move the data without changing the rest of the system at all – your users can just carry on using MS Access as before. Second, we offer a choice of database servers, with traditional and open-source options – but no compromise on reliability.

We also offer migration to newer platforms and a full technical review of outdated legacy systems in need of an overhaul. Please see our Expertise section to see how Blueberry can help.

Did You Know?

MS Access database corruption is mostly caused by PC crashes.

  • Database servers, like MS SQL Server, are designed to avoid this problem – and to deliver better performance.
  • If you do upgrade to a database server you can keep your current forms, queries and reports, and there should be no need to upgrade users.
  • MS SQL is popular – but there are cheaper solutions that are still effective.

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