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Building Web Applications Made Easy

Building a modern web application can be a challenging and time-consuming process, with hundreds of decisions to make along the way. Blueberry Web Template (BBWT) accelerates the process with pre-built solutions, based on widely available programming languages, eliminating the risk of lock-in and allowing developers to continue work without starting over.


What is Blueberry Web Template?


Building a modern web application? BBWT provides pre-built solutions for 20+ of the biggest problems you’ll face!

Let’s face it – building a modern web app from scratch is hard, and there are hundreds of choices to make – which JS framework, which GUI toolkit, which CI system, etc.

BBWT makes those decisions for you, and then gives you pre-built solutions for many of the biggest problems you’ll face.

Ordinarily, developing good-quality web applications can be very challenging:

  • The technology platforms developers use to build systems are evolving extremely quickly, which gives developers limited time to polish their approach before having to start again.
  • Security presents an increasing challenge – with new vulnerabilities emerging and developers constantly needing to change how they work to maintain robust security.
  • Mobile platforms present another new set of costs – although people think that “responsive” technologies make this easy, in truth good mobile delivery requires significant extra work.

Our answer to these challenges is BBWT: a highly flexible development platform for building custom web and cloud applications, using powerful, well-supported, open-source core technologies: .NET Core, Angular and a choice of SQL Server/Windows or MySQL/Linux.

The result is a modern approach to accelerating development, since we don’t need to write code from scratch or waste time looking for possible miscalculations or bugs.

BBWT Framework

If you think of building a web application as if you were building a house, then BBWT gives you the initial foundations, plus quite a large chunk of the plumbing!

As well as laying the foundations for the application build, web template uses established software technologies including Angular JS, Bootstrap, PrimeNG, Microsoft OData and Microsoft SQL Server.

Benefits of BBWT

Developing a web application can be a significant undertaking, especially if it’s intended to be a core feature of the business, possible for many years to come. With BBWT, there’s no risk of obsolescence. It’s based on widely available programming languages and components to avoid the risk of lock-in. These universal building blocks mean that any developer, anywhere can continue development work without risk of having to start over again.

For Blueberry, BBWT allows rapid project development because the building blocks of the project are already in place, so there’s no need for us to start from scratch. It includes a collection of pre-built modules, best programming practices and proven design styles which make it easier to create powerful and easy-to-use web applications based on Microsoft ASP.NET, C# and jQuery. These help to speed up development by eliminating discussion over the best ways to design the application.

This translates into lower development costs plus quicker completion, ensuring your delivery times are met and your budget remains intact.

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