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DeskBuddy: The Meeting Reminder That’s Always There for You


Raspal Chima -

As a professional your time is precious, and busy working environments can demand your attention. But with so many different calendars and commitments, it can be easy to miss meeting reminders if you’re not paying attention to your screen when a notification pings up. Our solution to this is DeskBuddy: a meeting reminder that you'll miss it if it wasn't there!

What is DeskBuddy?

DeskBuddy is a small, USB-powered desktop device that syncs with your Office 365 and Gmail calendars to display your next three meetings.

Unlike the small, easy-to-dismiss pop-up alerts sent by Office 365 and Gmail calendars, DeskBuddy is always in your line of sight, so you can see your upcoming meetings at a glance.

As your next meeting approaches, DeskBuddy's LED will flash in your chosen colour to catch your eye. You can also pause the LED when you're ready to prepare for your meeting without distractions.

It really is that simple!

In fact, this simplicity makes it difficult to communicate just how much people rely on their DeskBuddy and miss it when it's not there. DeskBuddy removes the cognitive load of keeping several appointments in your head each day, and only when that burden is lifted do you realise just how useful this tiny device is.

DeskBuddy Benefits

DeskBuddy provides a reliable and effective way to stay on track of your planned meetings - making it a valuable tool for all professionals working from a desk.

Benefits include:

  • Stay organised and on track: DeskBuddy consolidates all of your meetings from Office 365 and Gmail calendars, displaying them conveniently on one screen. This saves you time and hassle by never having to flip between apps or worry about missing an appointment.
  • Improve your focus and productivity: DeskBuddy frees up mental bandwidth by having your day's agenda at your fingertips. With DeskBuddy, you can focus on tasks that truly matter, improving your productivity and time management skills.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with built-in security: DeskBuddy operates with custom firmware and doesn't require any PC software installations. This minimises potential security risks, allowing you to use the device with peace of mind.
  • Receive stress-free alerts: DeskBuddy's real-time updates and full-colour LED notifications ensure you're always aware of your next meeting. Say goodbye to last-minute scrambles and hello to better preparation!
  • Navigate your calendar events with ease: DeskBuddy features a responsive touch screen, enabling easy navigation through your calendar events. Its intuitive design ensures you spend less time figuring it out and more time making the most of your day.

Easy Set Up

Simply plug DeskBuddy into a USB power source and follow the setup guide for Wi-Fi and calendar sync. There’s no data transfer through USB, so you can use your PC for power if you prefer. Once connected, DeskBuddy will automatically start displaying your meetings for the day.

To view your upcoming meetings, just tap on the screen. DeskBuddy will display a list of all of your meetings, along with the start and end time, location, and attendees. You can also tap on a meeting to view more details, such as the description and agenda.


The DeskBuddy is now crowdfunding on Kickstarter, giving early backers access to adopter pricing. You can learn more about DeskBuddy and watch the hilarious Kickstarter video on our product website at

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