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New ChatGPT Add-in for Outlook: Unleashing the Power of AI in Your Emails


Raspal Chima -

In today's fast-paced digital world, email has become an essential tool for communication, with Microsoft Outlook as the go-to email client for millions of people. However, by adding ChatGPT to Outlook, users can further enhance their email productivity by automating the processing and analysis of incoming emails based on their own criteria.

Blueberry has developed a free Add-in for Microsoft Outlook which allows users to experiment with ChatGPT within Outlook. It offers a simple yet powerful settings interface that users can configure for the Add-in to match specific criteria - such as a particular sender or recipient and specify how they want the Add-in to process the email.

One of the key features of the ChatGPT Add-in for Outlook is the ability to define custom prompts to guide the language model to generate relevant summaries, highlights, or other types of output based on the specific needs of the user.

For example, a user could define a prompt like "Summarise this email" or "Highlight important information" to instruct ChatGPT on what type of output they are looking for.

The ChatGPT Outlook Add-in opens up a world of possibilities for users who wish to experiment with AI within their email workflow. Some of the main capabilities of this Add-in include:

  1. Configurable Custom Prompts: The Add-in allows users to run ChatGPT on the email using a custom prompt. This flexibility enables users to tailor the AI's response to their specific needs and preferences.
  2. Selective Email Processing: ChatGPT can be run on all emails or just on emails that match specific prompt criteria. For instance, you might want to summarise the content of an email to get a quick overview of its key points.
  3. Separate Panel Display: The generated output from ChatGPT can be displayed in a separate panel to the right of the original email. This layout ensures a clean and organised interface, making it easy to refer to both the original and AI-generated text.
  4. Enhanced Composing Experience: While composing an email, users can configure buttons to run ChatGPT on selected text with predefined prompts. The output generated by the AI can then replace the original text, saving time and effort. For example, users can set up a button that improves the grammar or translates text into French.
  5. Automatic Email Importance Updates: The Add-in can dynamically update an email's importance based on the AI-generated output. This feature helps users prioritise and manage their emails more effectively by flagging high-priority or important messages.
  6. Multiple Configurations: The Add-in can manage multiple configurations for different types of emails or scenarios - with each configuration having its own set of conditions, prompts, and display preferences.

Blueberry's CEO, Martin Green, said, "ChatGPT has rocked the world. We know that there are plans to include ChatGPT functionality in Outlook, but many people can’t wait - or want to experiment with their own prompts. We decided to create a tool to let them experiment and harness the full power of this technology."

The Add-in comes without pre-configured prompts. Martin explained: "The tool is targeted at people who will absolutely want to write their own prompts. They can experiment with using different prompts and be as creative as they want."

“Using your own custom prompts, you can streamline everyday email tasks - such as automatically summarising or highlighting important emails to help you quickly identify and prioritise messages.”

As it’s an experimental tool, the Add-in is available free to use by anyone.

“We hope people like it enough to ask for a custom version to be made for their specific needs,” said Martin.

Blueberry can create a version of the Add-in for customers wanting their own custom prompts for their 365 domains, as well as develop a version of the Add-in that customers can resell, featuring their own unique prompts.

For full instructions on how to download and install the free ChatGPT Outlook Add-in, go to 

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