Blueberry Connection Tester

Blueberry Connection Tester enables consultants and software developers to gather PC configuration and connectivity data from remote PCs.

Why Blueberry Connection Tester?

There is an endless variety of PC configurations. This is great for users, but it’s a problem for software developers, since it’s not possible to predict what system an end-user will be running their application on.

The problem is even worse if trying to diagnose a problem on a remote PC – particularly if the end-user is inexperienced or when the problems are intermittent.

Blueberry has a wealth of experience in remote diagnosis of software problems – a specialist skill gained via our technical consultancy service, and our involvement in PC screen recording software for testers and developers.

What it does

We’ve used our experience to develop a bespoke, customizable utility to enable software consultants and custom software developers to efficiently gather PC configuration and connectivity data from remote PCs – and it’s free to download and use.

The tool comes in two parts:

  • A consultant interface which allows a set of reports and tests to be defined.
  • A test executable which is generated by the consultant interface and which is sent to the end user to run on his PC. Depending on the configuration this test executable can:
    • Report on the PC configuration, including detailed DLL information
    • Run connection tests to different servers using HTTP, HTTPS or FTP
    • Perform client and server tests over defined TCP ports

The advantage of having a two-part tool is that whilst the consultant interface can be quite complex to allow different tests to be defined, the end user interface is kept very simple. Results can be reported via e-mail or stored locally on the PC for later collection.

The test executable is entirely stand-alone and does not rely on any software libraries already installed on the PC. And it’s also small enough in size to be easily e-mailed.


The tool is free to use and the test executables that are generated can be distributed freely with no licensing charges. However, as this is a free tool there is no formal warranty or support available, but if you encounter any problems then we’ll do our best to help.


The Connection Tester is obviously Blueberry branded. Would you like the Connection Tester re-branded to compliment your own company and products?

To discuss re-branding opportunities, please contact Martin Green.

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