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Blueberry provides a complete service for implementation, customisation, training, support, and hosting of the RightRoom booking system software.

Booking Software for Your Business Needs

Accommodation booking can be a manually intensive process, particularly for companies whose core business function lies outside of booking rooms for their staff or customers. 

RoomRight is a flexible cloud-based accommodation booking system that makes it easy to accept room reservations for booking a wide range of accommodation – from meeting rooms and guest bedrooms, through to tenancies and holiday homes.


Shows the status of all current bookings by colour-code, only visible to managers and sysadmins.

Worklist - Online Booking System

Make a Booking

Bookings can be made by either the admin team, or by customers. Option to cancel, extend or provisionally extend as required.

Making Bookings - Online Booking System

Payment Screen

The Payment screen allows you to make an online payment by phone, card or external mechanism such as payroll, to the customer.

Payment Screen - Online Booking System

Calendar View

View confirmed bookings on the calendar. Choose between a weekly or monthly view, with option to edit bookings.

Calendar View - Online Booking System - Blueberry Consultants Ltd.

Login Screen

Customers can login via the web to view their existing booking requests or request a new booking.

Booking Software Systems - Customer Login - Custom Software - Blueberry Consultants Ltd.


Capability to place rooms under maintenance or closed for cleaning, along with the ability to add new buildings/rooms.

Accommodation Software Systems - Custom Software
  • The system supports multiple sites and as many rooms as you like. As a system administrator, you can also add, edit, and delete users.
  • The software also comes with a suite of reports that can be generated, such as detailed room statements, and revenue vs occupancy stats – to give your organisation complete oversight of the accommodation booking process.
  • Blueberry provides a complete service for implementation, customisation, training, support, and hosting the software.

Accommodation Booking Customers

The Cloud-Hosted Web Application has been used successfully across NHS organisations.

Case Studies-Projects-Custom Software-NHS

Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital

North Lincs NHS

Case Studies-Projects-Custom Software-NHS

Royal Bournemouth Hospital

University Hospitals Dorset NHS

Case Studies-Projects-Custom Software-NHS

Scunthorpe General Hospital

North Lincs NHS

Case Studies-Projects-Custom Software-NHS

Christchurch Hospital

University Hospitals Dorset NHS

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