BB Outlook Tools

BB Outlook Tools is a free program from Blueberry which adds additional features to Microsoft Outlook.

What is BB Outlook Tools?

BB Outlook Tools is a free program from Blueberry which adds the following additional features to Microsoft Outlook:

  • Reply with Attachments
  • Tidy Contact Numbers
  • Save Attached Files
  • Signature Correction

Reply with Attachments

Do you find yourself working on a shared document via email? We do this frequently, and we find it quite tedious to keep saving the document, editing it and sending it back. This tool makes this process a lot simpler.

The normal way of dealing with attached docs in Outlook is to download / open the attachment, make the changes, save/rename it, and then reply to the original email with the edited document re-attached.

As custom software developers, we thought there should be an easier way to do this, so we added a ‘Reply with Attachments’ function to Outlook.

This feature simply creates a reply with the original attachments still present. So you can press ‘Reply with Attachments’, edit the attachments, and send. There are no intermediate steps, making it much, much quicker.

BB Outlook Tools Blueberry Consultants

Tidy Contact Numbers

It’s not unusual for the phone details of contacts in Outlook to be saved in a variety of different ways. For example as: 6123232323232, 0905 848 0011, 1948 663000, +44 (0) 121 285 0100, and so on. These varying formats mean the numbers can’t be used internationally without a bit of re-editing.

Blueberry’s Outlook Tool tidies the contact phone numbers into a single unified format, so they can be used from any country without having to make changes. The tidied phone numbers can also be used in computer telephony and other systems being synchronized.

To use this feature, click File > BB Outlook Tool and select the ‘Report enabled’ checkbox, and Apply before closing the dialogue box.

BB Outlook Tools Blueberry Consultants

Note: The letters G, A, P1, P2, and R are placeholders that represent the default unified format (G – country code; A – local area code; P1 – first part of the local number; P2 – second part of the number; R – additional digits that in common are not a part of a standard telephone number). Simply insert characters into the edit boxes to specify any formatting – e.g. +G (A) to put brackets around the area code.

To use the feature, simply select ‘Contacts’ from the left-hand-side menu in Microsoft Outlook, place the mouse over a contact and right-click ‘Tidy Phone Numbers’. Or do a whole folder – try it!

Save Attached Files

This feature saves all incoming email attachments into a specified folder automatically when they arrive.

Moreover, when an attachment name appears to be duplicated (for example, if a document is being updated with each subsequent email), the feature changes its name by adding a sequential numeric suffix. This allows all attachments to be saved to one location, complete with their change history.

This feature is disabled by default. To enable it in Microsoft Outlook 2010, click on File > BB OL Tools, tick ‘Enabled’ under File Attachment and enter the file location. For earlier versions of Outlook, click on File > Options > BB OL Tools.

BB Outlook Tools Blueberry Consultants


This feature corrects an issue reported in the standard signature feature of MS Outlook. Some versions of MS Outlook overwrite the contents of a newly composed email if the insert signature function is used to add a signature at the end of the email. BB OL Tools fixes this problem.

BB OL Tools uses the same signature list as present in the standard Outlook file, and the signature inserts at the current cursor (caret) position.

BB Outlook Tools Blueberry Consultants

How to Install

The BB Outlook Tools Installation Pack is available in three versions. Check which version of MS Outlook you are running and download the appropriate pack*. Each installation pack consists of two files: the setup.exe and an msi file. Once downloaded, click ‘Setup.exe’ to begin installation of BB OL Tools.

The additional functionality should automatically be added to your copy of MS Outlook. To check that it’s been installed, look under ‘File’ for the extra menu item.

*The BB Outlook Tools Installation Pack is available for MS Office 2007 and MS Office 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit versions).

BB Outlook Tools Blueberry Consultants

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