What We Do

Problems with MS Access? We can help.

Are you having reliability or performance problems with your Microsoft Access Database?

Would you like to:

  • Repair an existing database?
  • Increase reliability? Boost performance?
  • Add users without per-user cost?
  • Keep your existing MS Access forms when you upgrade?
  • Move your database to the Internet?

We can solve these problems: we’re experts in repairing MS Access databases and upgrading them to work using a database server.

And the really good news is that this doesn’t have to be a big, expensive project: we’ve developed tools and technologies to cut conversion time to the minimum – and to save you server licence fees. How? First, we can move the data without changing the rest of the system at all – your users can just carry on using MS Access as before. Second, we offer a choice of database servers, with traditional and open-source options – but no compromise on reliability.

We also offer migration to newer platforms and a full technical review of outdated legacy systems in need of an overhaul. Please see our Expertise section to see how Blueberry can help.

Did You Know?


  • MS Access database corruption is mostly caused by PC crashes.
  • Database servers, like MS SQL Server, are designed to avoid this problem – and to deliver better performance.
  • If you do upgrade to a database server you can keep your current forms, queries and reports, and there should be no need to upgrade users.
  • MS SQL is popular – but there are cheaper solutions that are still effective.