Our Approach

Blueberry Web Template

Our proven solution for building web and cloud applications!

What Is BBWT?

The all-in-one development platform for custom web applications

Blueberry Web Template (BBWT) is our platform for building custom web applications to best practice standards in an accelerated timeframe.

The platform includes a collection of pre-built modules, best programming practices and proven design styles which make it easier to create powerful and easy-to-use web applications based on Microsoft ASP.NET, C# and jQuery.

The BBWT platform includes:

  1. Standard CSS stylesheets and menu system
  2. Strong, secure user logins built on top of ASP.NET Membership
  3. Dynamic field validation
  4. A comprehensive user permission management system
  5. Our own reporting tool (BB Instant Reports)
  6. Built-in support for problem reporting during testing

It does the hard work well

Software developers often put together their own platform or toolbox to save time when building new systems. However, if not handled correctly, these platforms can cause problems for customers for two main reasons:

  1. Some developers make their platforms very complex – making it much harder to move the project to a new developer.
  2. In order to re-use the platform across multiple projects, the developer needs to retain copyright. But if the legal agreements are not structured in the right way, this can result in the customer not actually fully owning the completed system.

Blueberry’s platform avoids both of these problems: it’s written in a very straightforward way to avoid the risk of lock-in, and we provide complete source code for BBWT, plus the appropriate license to use the code (permanent, transferable, royalty free).

Furthermore, we have a special legal agreement that allows our customers to use BBWT for any purpose in future.

Features of BBWT

A head start on web application building

BBWT includes a comprehensive set of tools that are commonly used in web applications – from highly secure login and password handling, through to localisation and reporting.

BBWT core functionality includes:

  1. Secure Password Handling
  2. Powerful User Management & Roles
  3. Pre-Defined Design Guides for Form Layout
  4. Email Templates
  5. Localisation Support
  6. Support for Mobiles via Responsive Design
  7. Two Reporting Systems
  8. Active Directory Integration
  9. Audit Logging

What Are The Benefits of BBWT?

Blueberry Web Template allows speed, accuracy and fast decision making

BBWT accelerates application delivery because we don’t have to start from scratch – and we can use the time saved to keep development costs low or include additional features, for example. 

As well as laying the foundations for the application build, web template uses established software technologies including; Angular JS, Bootstrap, Kendo UI, Microsoft OData and Microsoft SQL Server.  These are tried and trusted tools which help us build better applications because they come from a strong foundation of carefully selected open-source and commercial technologies.

BBWT also includes a comprehensive set of coding and design guidelines.  These help to speed up development by eliminating discussion over the best ways to design the application.

If you think of building a web application as if you were building a house, then BBWT gives you the initial blueprints, plus quite a large chunk of the plumbing.

Why Use BBWT?

Keeping speed and momentum without losing quality

BBWT has been developed to speed up and improve the process of building a custom web application. It gives functionality, flexibility and security. 

It’s not a risk to the customer as the platform has been built to protect from obsolescence by using best-of-breed technologies for developing and coding. If a customer was to stop working with Blueberry, they can carry on using the platform with another developer without the risk of starting from square one.

At the end of the day, BBWT helps to deliver a high quality product with speed and accuracy.