Health Sector Software Development

Are you in the NHS, and looking for IT expertise? You’ve found the right people!

Blueberry brings extremely strong technical skills together with practical experience of working with NHS organisations to make IT systems work better. In a world dominated by huge impersonal corporations, Blueberry is a breath of fresh air – a hands-on company, dedicated to personal service. For more information, see our dedicated website at

Health Sector Blueberry Consultants

Client Testimonials

Health Sector Blueberry Consultants

“The staff who originally resisted the system now threaten death if it goes offline.”

Teri-Ann GrangeHealth Sector Blueberry Consultants
I.T. Projects Manager | NHS 

Bed Management & Patient Flow Software

Health Sector Blueberry Consultants

Looking for Bed Management or Patient Flow Software? If you have a requirement for a custom piece of software, we can help. For East and North Herts NHS Trust, we’ve implemented a complete A&E system which helps to reduce 4 hour breaches, and streamlines the interface to other departments such as X-Ray, medical records and bed management.

Project Review – or Rescue

Do you need help with an internal development project that is behind schedule, or isn’t delivering what you need? We can provide impartial advice on what needs to be done – as we did for a major NHS research organisation earlier this year. We also have plenty of experience of picking up existing projects and turning them round – no matter what state they’re in.

IT Systems Consultancy

Health Sector Blueberry Consultants

Many NHS organisations are buying-in large IT systems from the major suppliers in the health sector – and are hitting problems. Perhaps the new system doesn’t quite meet users’ requirements, or it doesn’t integrate well with other systems. We can help with this situation in two ways: first, we can help with the analysis and reporting of problems. Second, in many cases we can write additional software components to plug the gaps – at rates cheaper than those offered by the major suppliers in the health sector.

Excel and Database Development

Here’s another example of how we can help. An NHS organisation was using a very large Excel sheet to manage staff utilisation – but the sheet was becoming very slow in use. We analysed the problem, and specified a small standalone program which would be 100 times faster.

If you have an information storage or distribution problem – we can solve it efficiently and quickly.