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Agency Costing System

Agency Costing System Blueberry Consultants

1 developer, 1 manager, 3 man-months

Agency Costing System Blueberry Consultants

C#, .NET, Crystal Reports, SQL Server, Access

Agency Costing System For Logging Complex Driver Information

TruTac works with logistics companies who often use agency drivers to deliver their goods. These agency drivers tend to charge at different rates at different times. Consequently, TruTac’s customers needed a system for logging this complex driver information.

Blueberry designed an easy-to-use Agency Costing system which integrates with TruTac’s existing digital Tachograph system (TruControl). The new software performs sophisticated matching between the Tachograph data and drivers worksheets – generating reports that the accounts departments of the logistics companies can use to verify that the invoices submitted by the agencies are accurate.

TruTac’s software can now handle agencies that, amongst other things:

  1. Charge at different rates at night.
  2. Charge at different rates at Saturdays and Sundays.
  3. Choose differing times of day on a Sunday to count as a Sunday start.
  4. Choose the start-time of work to determine the rate for the work.