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Project Tracking System

Project Tracking System Blueberry Consultants

1 Developer, 1 Manager, 4 man-months

Project Tracking System Blueberry Consultants

ASP .NET 3.5, SQL Server 2008, Linq

Distributed Bug Tracking System For Software Localisation

Rubric Ltd specialises in the translation of computer documents and software programs from English into multiple languages using a combination of standard industry and in-house tools. This process of software localisation is complicated by the dispersed nature of the teams working on the projects.

Rubric required its existing distributed project tracking system extended and updated to provide an unprecedented level of information to team members, in order to increase operational efficiency and streamline administration.

The new system has become a central tool for Rubric, delivering significant value to the company. Called BugzNET4, the new scalable online bug-tracking system keeps track of every issue relating to a project. It provides all team members with an unprecedented level of information – allowing them to see summaries, drill down into individual problem reports, add comments, update status, request updates, and send automated reminders.