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Adobe Plugin Blueberry Consultants

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Adobe FrameMaker Plugin - Rubric

Rubric is a specialist translation company, often working on large projects spanning 30 or more languages. Unfortunately, some tools don’t support all the languages that clients require support for; a classic example is that Adobe Framemaker does not support Arabic.

To solve this problem, Rubric needed a tool to convert from Framemaker to Word. Because the standard tools didn’t work well enough, Blueberry developed a plugin for Adobe FrameMaker to extend its functionality and allow it to convert FrameMaker files into Word format.

The main objective of the project was to maintain the integrity of headers, footers, page sizes, image positions, tables and styles when the FM files were imported to Word. The plugin developed by Blueberry also allowed the column order in tables to be reversed and conditional text to be either included or excluded from conversion.