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Stock Price App

Stock Price App Blueberry Consultants

1 developers, 1 manager, 3 man-months

Stock Price App Blueberry Consultants

Borland C++ Builder

Stand-Alone Application Displays Real-Time Stock Market Rates

Forexvoice wanted a program for their customers that would display stock prices in a ticker tape style on the PC task bar and would also be capable of providing live audio in several spoken languages.

The program criteria included a small footprint, great user-interface design, ease-of-use and support for text and voice in multiple languages. Blueberry designed a stand-alone installed application in Boland C++ Builder, within a time-frame of 3 months.

The technology allows paying customers to receive and listen to real time stock market rates on home PCs via Internet 24 hours a day, allowing banks, dealers, traders, brokers and fund managers to take action on developments immediately.