Case Studies - Legacy System

Legacy System Replacement

Legacy System Replacement Blueberry Consultants

2 developers, 1 manager, 10 man-months

Legacy System Replacement Blueberry Consultants

MSVC 6.00, Oracle database server

Blueberry Rescues Legacy System

A large amusement arcade company approached Blueberry with a difficult problem. Their existing networked arcade system was designed to collect uploaded machine takings information from a central Oracle database and provide management reporting information. Unfortunately, the system had a rare bug which paid out large sums of money incorrectly, and the previous supplier had failed to fix it.

Blueberry accepted the challenge to correct the problem and took over development of the system. Working in a very difficult live network environment, and on legacy code, Blueberry added diagnostic checking and successfully tracked down the critical problem. Under Blueberry’s direction, the system continued its planned development.