Emergency Web Development

Get a Web App Completed in Days!

COVID-19 has changed our lives and the way we work. In response, businesses across all sectors have had to adapt quickly. We can help!

Are you an affected business that has had to make drastic changes? Has your operational requirements or customer focus shifted as a result of COVID-19?

In particular:

  • Are you experiencing huge demand for your product or service due to COVID-19
  • Do you need an online portal to address some pain point?

If you’ve answered YES to these questions, then now is the time to take action to get your business back on track and working efficiently for your customers.

How it's done

Blueberry can produce completely functional and scalable web applications in a matter of days and weeks – not months!

And even less time if it’s just tweaking in a few additional screens or forms to align your income streams to your current customer base.

We can do this because we’ve been using BBWT successfully for several years to deliver projects fast. BBWT (Blueberry Web Template) is our all-in-one development platform for building custom web applications to best practice standards in a greatly accelerated timeframe.

Everything works ‘out of the box’ because the framework includes a collection of pre-built modules, best programming practices and proven design styles which make it easier to create powerful and easy-to-use web applications.

You can find out more about BBWT here.

How long will your web app take to complete?

Simply contact us and ask. We’ll give you a realistic timeframe during your initial discussion with us.