PDF Form Filler Guidance

How To Use Blueberry PDF Form Filler

Start Blueberry PDF Form Filler program.

Click on ‘File’ > ‘Open’ to select the PDF that needs editing.

Once the PDF form has opened in PDF Form Filler, navigate to the first page that needs editing by using the navigation pane on the right-hand-side. Click on the page number to open the page.

Use the menu on the left hand side to select the right tool – see graphics.

Text Edits

Outlook Tools Text Edit

Use the Text Edits tool to type text in your PDF.

Select ‘Text Edit’ and use your mouse to trace the outline of the box that you will type into.

Use ‘Boxed Text’ to complete areas where one letter/number per box is required – for example an area or zip code.

Use the ‘Table’ tool to draw a table.


Outlook Tools Checkboxes Panel

Use the ‘Checkboxes’ tool to fill in small boxes requiring a tick or other mark. There is a choice of tick, button, solid, or linethrough.


Outlook Tools Annotations Panel

Use the Annotations tool to add your own notes, or highlight or erase text.


Outlook Tools Advanced Panel

Use the Advanced tool to:

  1. import an image or signature
  2. Add a web link
  3. Write in freehand

After completing all parts of the form, it can be saved using ‘File > ‘Save as’.

The new saved file can now be opened in a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat.