Sysadmin/DevOps Placement

Are you a University Student studying Computer Science or Software Engineering? Are you on target for a 1st, and looking for a placement which will give you exposure to real System Admin / DevOps work on interesting projects and with the latest technology?

Blueberry is a highly technical software development company based in Birmingham and Stroud. We work for clients across the UK, building web, mobile and client-server systems – and we develop our own innovative products:

We’re Amazon and Microsoft Partners. We have a fleet of over 150 servers on Amazon’s AWS Cloud Hosting. We build systems using development technologies such as Angular, TypeScript and C# on a daily basis. We’re owned and managed by ex-developers, not accountants, and we’re passionate about technology. (We have an in-house budget for Kickstarter, which we’ve used to purchase a 3D printer and Laser Cutter for experimental project work)

As a smaller company, we believe our placement program is different from those offered by multi-nationals:

  1. Our placement students get direct exposure to all aspects of the development business, including customer trips, and technology / business model discussions with the CEO.
  2. Students are involved in live customer projects where possible, and internal development projects if no customer projects are available.

As well as recruiting UK students, we have a number of EU students on placement with us, so there is a community of young technical professionals within the company.

The placement will involve supporting and automating a mixed infrastructure of Windows and Linux servers, mostly hosted within an Amazon Web Services environment.

The following are some of the systems currently in use within the company:

  1. Amazon Web Services – Including Aurora, Lambda, CloudFormation
  2. Office 365
  3. Exim
  4. Jenkins / Gitlab
  5. 3CX – VOIP Phone System
  6. Zabbix / GrayLog / Grafana
  7. OpenLDAP
  8. SQL Server / MySQL
  9. PFSense Routers
  10. Git
  11. Python / PowerShell / Ansible

If you are interested in a System Admin / DevOps career and looking to develop skills in AWS, Windows or Linux System Administration, gain experience in automating systems using Ansible, Python or PowerShell as well as learn about Amazon, 365, Zabbix, OpenLDAP, SQL Server and Networking, we want to hear from you.

The ideal candidate will be a current University student on a Computer Science or Software Engineering BSC course, with strong interest in System Admin/DevOps career path.

We value students who can show a personal and general interest in computer technology, and who are up to date on latest developments in development technology. Other qualities generally sought include the ability to work independently and on own initiative, a high standard of written communication and methodological problem-solving skills.

How to Apply

Applicants for this placement should send a current CV and covering letter as soon as possible to
[email protected].