Rich Content Websites

What is a Rich Content Site?

A Rich Content site is designed to embrace change. This could be anything from a complete rewrite of the pages if your business undergoes significant change, or regular updates on new services, products and promotions to keep your customers engaged.

Rich Content sites will also include additional interactive features such as user login, blogs, forums, voting and searching. If you don’t plan to sell anything directly from your Website and you don’t think a Brochure site matches your requirements, there’s a good chance you need a Rich Content site.

Technologies Used*

HTML5, CSS and JavaScript for the user-interface and a Content Management System such as Hubspot, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Weebly or DNN Evoq to enable changes.

*The technologies used in any project may vary considerably. This estimation is used purely to illustrate the complexity involved in projects of this type.

The Benefits of Rich Content Sites

Rich Content sites can be customised and evolve over time with the needs of the business. As requirements change, so updates can be made via a user-friendly interface to keep the work of the Website editor simple.

Rich Content sites provide an opportunity to build a relationship with your customers by having them register with your website, receive newsletters and provide you with valuable feedback.

Rich Content sites are built on top of Content Management System platforms. If we use an open-source solution to build our Rich Content sites it means that we can pass our savings onto our customers and offer them extremely competitive prices.

Other Types of Website

Rich Content sites are not the only type of Website. See our pages on e-Commerce sites, Brochure sites and Web Applications.