e-Commerce Websites

Looking for e-Commerce website development? You’ve found the right place! Blueberry Consultants is an expert developer of custom web applications and database-driven websites.

Custom software designed for ecommerce is the engine that drives an online store, making it possible to easily manage inventory, add or remove products, calculate taxes, and everything else required to manage a website and fulfill orders. It enables intricate processes to take place behind a user-friendy interface so that even non-technical staff can oversee an entire ecommerce operation.

What is an e-Commerce Site?

An e-Commerce site is an online shop. Almost every high-street store now also sells its products over the Internet, while many businesses choose to sell only online (and of these, Amazon is probably the most well-known.)

e-Commerce sites do a lot behind-the-scenes, too. In addition to the functionality provided to the end-user (or customer), a fully-featured e-Commerce site will:

  • manage inventories and notify appropriate contacts if stocks become low; handle transactions and process payments securely; produce reports on target achievement, trends and tax-related issues;
  • create invoices and receipts to send to customers; track returns and keep customers informed on the status of their account; and
  • integrate with customer databases so as to provide recommendations and remember delivery addresses and payment details.

Technologies Used*

HTML5, CSS and JavaScript for the user-interface; a database such as MSSQL or MySQL to record stock, purchases and customer information, etc; a Web programming language to access the database and print reports to the screen, such as ASP.NET or PHP; a CLI programming language such as C# or Java to manage the more complex operations in the backend; and SSL to ensure sensitive information like credit card numbers are transmitted securely.

*The technologies used in any project may vary considerably. This estimation is used purely to illustrate the complexity involved in projects of this type.

The Benefits of E-Commerce Sites

An e-Commerce site for your business provides an opportunity to sell products to a much wider audience and to even sell globally.

e-Commerce sites don’t have to adhere to any set opening times – in fact, it’s uncommon for an online shop not to be open 24/7. This means that while you’re asleep, you’re still open for business (important when you consider the time-differences across the world; at any given time half the global population is likely to be awake).

e-Commerce sites enable your business to run more efficiently and be more profitable.

The running and maintenance costs associated with an e-Commerce site is a fraction compared to how much it would cost on premises and salaries in a real-world shop.

Other Types of Website

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