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Digital Content Creation & Display System

Digital Content Creation Blueberry Consultants

2 developers, 1 manager, 2 man-months

Digital Content Creation Blueberry Consultants

Cassini Web server, .NET 3.5

Pupils.TV is a dynamic Windows-based messaging and content display system for the education sector, which allows pupils to bring together different types of media. Any selection of live video, data feeds and animation can be mixed simultaneously on screen and displayed in broadcast quality across a range of devices. Importantly, the system has been designed to offer ease of use, so that children of all ages can intuitively use the software to create eye-catching visuals.

The Requirements

Pupils.TV is a leading supplier of multimedia products and services to the Education sector – from Primary Education through to Secondary Schools, Colleges and CLCs.

The company required a dynamic messaging and content display system that would allow children to experiment with different forms of media, and to assemble content easily into a finished and unique single-screen display of broadcast quality.

In addition to text and graphics, the client required any selection of live video, data feeds and animation to be mixable on screen to create the content.

The project called for Blueberry to design a web-based management console, which would:

  • Allow the user to import content from a local PC and upload it via the web-service.
  • Provide a management screen giving a view of all PCs in the system.
  • Provide scheduling of media playback.
  • Support a simple license key system.

Our Solution

Blueberry designed and implemented the software required for the Pupils.TV project, which included a web-based management console, a simple licence key system and a designer programme to enable pupils to create a presentation of their ICT work using flash animations, movies, mp3 audio and digital photography.

All of these media types can be displayed on a single screen in any design that the pupil chooses. Once the completed presentation has been saved to the Pupils.TV server, the classroom teacher is able to review the work and distribute it to any required display device.

The core functionality of the software designed by Blueberry allows the amalgamation of different types of content to be displayed concurrently on the same display device.

The software can also integrate with most popular databases to provide live real-time application / business data.

The Results

Pupils.TV has become one of the most sophisticated and versatile multimedia communications solution on the market, which simply and easily designs & presents superb, broadcast quality images onto a huge range of displays and other devices. The result is an exciting and innovative approach to meeting the changing demands of schools working with ICT.

Pupils.TV is infinitely scalable, and extremely flexible. It can run over any TCP/IP network that allows HTTP traffic through any internal firewalls. It can also be configured for SSL connections.

The system supports XP SP2, Vista and Windows 7, and the player program runs as a desktop application.